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Barry Schroeder


Barry Schroeder & the US Paralympic Bobsleigh Team

Western Reserve O&P is proud to sponsor Barry Schroder of the United States Paralympic Bobsleigh Team. He's chosen to share his journey with everyone on our website. We proudly sponsored his participation in the 2015 Tough Mudder Event in Mid-Ohio, and discovered that he is, indeed, a force to be recognized. His strength of spirit helps us, and many others, to maintain our own strength in everyday life.

About Barry

Barry is passionate about many things. He is a husband, father, paramedic, volunteer firefighter and now, a bobsleigh pilot! In 2015, he was asked to join the U.S. Para Olympics Bobsleigh team.

He maintains a level of courage, strength, and determination that many may not be able to imagine in one's life. A vehicle hit Barry, who was riding his motorcycle in a scholarship fund run. He lost his leg as a result of the accident. This was just before his wife gave birth to their second daughter. Additionally, he had just begun his new job and his insurance had not kicked in yet.

Setting his sights on yet another mission of hard work paired with determination, Barry began to work out for team USA. Although he had no previous experience piloting a bobsleigh, he discovered he did as well as seasoned pilots with 10 years of experience. He has successfully participated and finished in USPO bobsleigh events in Calgary and Utah since 2015. His ultimate goal is to participate in the 2022 games.

Barry and his family could use some funding for continuing in events of the U.S. Paralympic Bobsleigh Team. You can donate on CrowdRise, where you can add your support to Barry's financial aid, allowing him to continue with the USPO. He is certainly a special man to support.

Barry at the Olympics


In His Own Words

"On September 16, 2012, I went from being your average normal everyday man to simply awesome. You see, my life changed in an instant when I was run over on my motorcycle, leaving me without part of my leg. My foot was amputated instantly!

I faced some amazing challenges, and it wasn't always easy. Actually, nothing about it was easy. I fell occasionally, cried often, but always pushed forward. Within seven months I had my life back. I returned to work as a full-time paramedic and was even riding again.

During these seven months I found a passion for fitness. I began to eat better and train often in the gym. This is when I realized I had something special. I realized I had the ability to make a difference and to motivate others — others who may have a similar obstacle in life, or as I refer to it, an opportunity.

In 2015 I was named to the first ever United States Paralympic Bobsleigh and Skeleton team. This 'opportunity' allowed me to compete against world class athletes from all over the world. I finished my first season ranked fifth in the United States, competing against some of the greatest adaptive athletes from all over the globe. My goal is to compete in the Paralympic Games in 2022."
— Barry Schroeder